Why the College of Wooster?

June 1st, 2009

It seems like it was forever ago that my mom and I started the infamous “college search” (which many of you that are reading this blog might be on). At times I was bored, but I knew when I liked something about a school. I had physically looked at what seems like 40 schools during high school, from larger universities to smaller liberal arts colleges. I was exposed to the perks of going to a huge school, but found everything I wanted, and more, at the smaller liberal arts institutions, like The College of Wooster.

The College of Wooster is a unique place; it has so much to offer, and I am extremely happy that I chose to come to this institution of higher learning. I remember my tour, not everything about it, but most of it. I remember saying that I “play cross country” as I entered (what I consider the epitome of a collegiate library) Timken Science Library; seeing all of the friendly people around, who appeared to genuinely love their school; enjoying the beautiful campus, which appeared to be manicured perfectly in many places; talking about how Wooster was the right fit for me (even if it was only an hour and twenty minutes from home); and experiencing a place that I could call home for the next four years.

I was drawn to the Senior Independent Study (IS) Project that Wooster had to offer and the opportunity to do a masters-like thesis at the undergraduate level. I wasn’t thinking about graduate school or a master’s degree in high school, but I knew that this “IS Project” was something that Wooster did well and perfected. I was excited to work one-on-one with a faculty advisor during the entirety of my senior year; to choose a topic that was not going to be assigned to me, but one that I could pick on my own; and to build the many important intangible skills, like effective time management, organization, and communication. The IS was the main reason I decided to come to Wooster; it made me reconsider the distance of Wooster from my home and it made me realize that I wanted to attend an institution that just focused on undergraduate study.

Wooster has so many incredible things to offer, and over the next few weeks, I am going to highlight the main reasons why I decided to come to Wooster. I absolute love this place, and would not want to be anywhere else. 

Cheers from DC! ALEX

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