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It’s COLD and RAINY…and I have a XC meet!

October 2nd, 2009

 I leave in exactly 1 hour, 7 minutes for a Cross Country meet at Ohio Wesleyan University; it is the All-Ohio Championship Meet, which means that there are 40+ Ohio schools (DI, DII, DII) that will me competing. This race is always a lot of fun…because there is no guarantee that the DI athletes will come out on top! 

However, I am NOT lookng forward to running in the COLD and RAINY weather! It is supposed to rain ALL DAY.

Otterbein Cross Country Invitational

September 26th, 2009

I just got back from the Otterbein Cross Country Invitational in Westerville, Ohio. It was misting and about 65* for the race–perfect weather conditions. The men’s team came in 6th out of 16 teams, while the women’s team was 3rd out 0f 14 teams; Coach Rice was pleased with both of our performances. This race was one of the best races of my cross country career; I felt great the entire race and worked through a pain in my left quad, running 29:14.8 for 8k (5 miles)!

Well, that’s all for now. It is Homecoming Weekend at Wooster this weekend and I just found out that I was elected the President of the Class of 2010. I’ll write more about this weekend’s activities soon!


Weekend Festivities…

September 13th, 2009

I am so bad at keeping this blog updated! I feel like I did such a better job last year…I hope they do not fire me! Anyways, this weekend was a lot of fun! There was a lot going on, and my friends and I discovered a fun, new place close to campus (The Wooster Inn Pub)! Friday night, we all went to the Wooster Inn Pub, to hang out and celebrate getting through our third week of Independent Study!

Enjoying each others company...SURPRISE!

The Wooster Inn Pub

Friday was also Party On The Green (a campus wide event that featured Black Violin and other live music on the residential quad). It was a pretty low key night for me Friday because I had a cross country race the next morning. The cross country team got together for a hydration party on Friday night and drank lots of gatorade and water to get pumped up for the next day.

I had to wake up at 6:15AM on Saturday to get breakfast so that I would be able to get on the bus on time for our meet at Walsh University. It was a great day to run, with perfect weather and a relatively flat course. Both the women’s and men’s teams did well, coming in 2nd and 3rd respectively; I think Coach Rice was pleased with our performance as a group. When we got back to campus, we had the entire afternoon to get homework done and relax. Personally, I went home for a few hours, before returning for the evening.

Saturday night was great! We all had so much fun running around on campus, going from house to house and dorm to dorm. There were a handful of fun things going on, and we were all up in to the early morning!

Well, that’s enough for now. I have to go eat and get working on so IS.

Why the College of Wooster?

June 1st, 2009

It seems like it was forever ago that my mom and I started the infamous “college search” (which many of you that are reading this blog might be on). At times I was bored, but I knew when I liked something about a school. I had physically looked at what seems like 40 schools during high school, from larger universities to smaller liberal arts colleges. I was exposed to the perks of going to a huge school, but found everything I wanted, and more, at the smaller liberal arts institutions, like The College of Wooster.

The College of Wooster is a unique place; it has so much to offer, and I am extremely happy that I chose to come to this institution of higher learning. I remember my tour, not everything about it, but most of it. I remember saying that I “play cross country” as I entered (what I consider the epitome of a collegiate library) Timken Science Library; seeing all of the friendly people around, who appeared to genuinely love their school; enjoying the beautiful campus, which appeared to be manicured perfectly in many places; talking about how Wooster was the right fit for me (even if it was only an hour and twenty minutes from home); and experiencing a place that I could call home for the next four years.

I was drawn to the Senior Independent Study (IS) Project that Wooster had to offer and the opportunity to do a masters-like thesis at the undergraduate level. I wasn’t thinking about graduate school or a master’s degree in high school, but I knew that this “IS Project” was something that Wooster did well and perfected. I was excited to work one-on-one with a faculty advisor during the entirety of my senior year; to choose a topic that was not going to be assigned to me, but one that I could pick on my own; and to build the many important intangible skills, like effective time management, organization, and communication. The IS was the main reason I decided to come to Wooster; it made me reconsider the distance of Wooster from my home and it made me realize that I wanted to attend an institution that just focused on undergraduate study.

Wooster has so many incredible things to offer, and over the next few weeks, I am going to highlight the main reasons why I decided to come to Wooster. I absolute love this place, and would not want to be anywhere else. 

Cheers from DC! ALEX

Two weeks notice for the class of 2009!

April 26th, 2009

I have not written in a while because I have been extremely busy with JUNIOR IS and two GROUP PROJECTS!!! It is crunch time at The College of Wooster. So, since the last time that I wrote, a lot has happened. On Friday (4/24), classes were cancelled for the IS Symposium (an event that gave the seniors an opportunity to talk about and present their IS presentations around campus), there was a BBQ at The Office of Admissions, and I threw a party for the Model United Nations Team. On Saturday (4/25), I had the last orientation training session and did lots of work, work, work in the library till 9:30PM. There was a big event on Saturday, sponsored by the Wooster Activities Crew (WAC) called Springfest (a campus wide event with live music, food, games, and FUN!!). 

In addition, the weather here has been AMAZING! It has been between 80-85* the past few days, and it is supposed to be just as nice tomorrow too! The weather is not helping me with getting all my homework done, so I have to lock myself in the library till it closes. 

Here are some pictures of the past couple of days and weeks! Enjoy and I will write more (after my French Junior IS is DONE!):

Sagely...I am going to MISS YOU!!

Sagely...I am going to MISS YOU!!

Don't we clean up nicely!

Don't we clean up nicely!

Hanging out on Lowry Patio

Hanging out on Lowry Patio

Late night fun in WOO-DIGGITY!

Late night fun in WOO-DIGGITY!

Oh ASIANS and their "peace signs" 

Global Engagement Summit 2009

April 18th, 2009

I just got out of The College of Wooster’s first annual Global Engagement Summit. The Global Engagement Summit (GES) at The College of Wooster gave students the opportunity to explore global engagement and develop skills for working in the non-profit sector. The day consisted of an opening speech by Patrick Sciarratta (the creator and director of the Youth Assembly at the United Nations), three workshop sessions, a keynote speaker (President Grant Cornwell), and a closing panel with all of the participants.

The overall mission of the Global Engagement Network (GEN) at The College of Wooster is to enable students to think as global citizens and act as global change agents.

I attended three workshops today (there were a total of nine offered). My first session was with Dave Welbourn, a gentleman who has focused his career in developing resources for the growth of nonprofit institutions and teaches philanthropy and strategic planning as a consultant and volunteer for a variety of non-profit organizations. The workshop was titled “Major Gifts and Sustainability” and it focused on answering questions about how to sustain an endeavor in the non-profit sector. He discussed how to determine which responsibilities can be accomplished efficiently and lastingly, and offered information about the “gift pyramid”.

My second workshop was titled “Proposal Writing and Global Philanthropy”, and was also with Mr. Dave Welbourn. This session offered insight on how to write proposals, as well as learning techniques for maximizing impact and finding funding to achieve our dreams.

My third workshop was led by Andrew Baird, a 1984 College of Wooster graduate who is a senior associate for Making Cents International. He is an enterprise development specialist with more than twenty years of international youth entrepreneurship and micro development experience. His session was titled, “Cultural Literacy: Women in Developing Countries”, and looked into discussing the importance of cultural literacy and provide relevant insight on working with women in developing countries.

So, that has been my day so far. The summit was from 9:30AM-4PM, and now it is time to work on my Junior Independent Study Project (the final draft is due on Tuesday!!!). I want to get as much done before the swim team formal tonight!

Sincerely your globally engaged blogger, ALEXANDER



The current view outside my window!!!

IT'S 73* and full sun in Wooster!!!!

I’m in NYC till Sunday for a Model United Nations Conference

April 7th, 2009

I just got to New York City for a Model United Nations Conference. We left at 2AM this morning and arrived around 12PM. Model United Nations Club is a group on campus that is dedicated to multicultural understanding and is interested in global issues. We meet once a week and go to two conferences a year (Chicago in the Fall, New York City in the Spring). This year in NYC we are representing Germany, and my partner Esther and I are on the Commission on Sustainable Development. I will write more later, but for now, here is the view from our hotel room:

New York Marriott Marquis on Times Square

The view from the New York Marriott Marquis on Times Square, though our room view has no view of Times Square. 🙁

Well, signing off from NYC for now. More to come later, hopefully including lots of fun pictures! The Honorable Delegate from Germany, ALEX

International Students’ Association (ISA) Dinner

March 31st, 2009

“The International Student Association (ISA) is a student organization, chartered with two main goals: 1) to celebrate and support international students at The College; and 2) to promote international understanding and awareness across our campus.”

Tonight, there was an ISA dinner where three students shared their spring break experiences with the campus in Lowry Center Ballroom. Sheldon Masters (2009) went to Kenya, Anna Lemler (2010) went to Montgomery, West Virginia, and Matthew McNaughton (2010) went to Botswana. All of the trips were service trips that were sponsored by organizations on campus. While some were week long trips, others took the entire two week break. Activities in the locations included informing and educating community members about AIDS; building and constructing walls, wells, and floors; staying with host families; taking field trips into areas with wild game; talking about the importance of certain health practices; and much more!

The dinner featured food from Kenya and Botswana and was about an hour long. ISA has dinners about ever month, giving students the opportunity to hear about different international experiences from students who have traveled somewhere cool, while also giving international students the opportunity to talk about their respective culture, customs, and experiences. It is a great resource for not just the international students on campus, but is open to the entire campus to join and become involved in.

Cheers for now, ALEX



Myself, Sarah, Anne-Marie, and Anna at the Darhas de MPal (Senegal)

Myself, Sarah, Anne-Marie, and Anna at the Darhas de MPal, a Coranic school in Senegal, West Africa (note: it was not necessary for me to wear the headscarf)

gold name tag. orientation 2013. sga.

March 25th, 2009

Today was such a busy day! I had classes (The US and China & International Political Economy) from 9-11am, work in the Admissions Office from 1-4pm, a meeting for regarding admissions interns from 4-5pm, a meeting for the New Student Orientation: Class of 2013 Program from 5:30-7pm, and a Student Government Association (SGA) meeting from 7-7:30pm. I am finally sitting down to work on homework at around 8pm!

Classes went well today; we are starting to get back into things after are two week spring break and I am having mixed feelings about it. There is so much work to do in the next SIX WEEKS and I am NOT ready to be a senior, to do IS, and to get ready for “real world” things! I have a literature review due on Monday, March 30 on sustainable development for my International Political Economy class and a lot of junior IS to do for both International Relations and French. I have a two-page IS proposal due tomorrow at 9:30am, but I am almost done so that is good, but I also want to edit five pages of my French junior IS and write 2-3 more before my meeting on Friday with my advisor. There are just not enough hours in the day!

Work in admissions is work. It is the busiest time of the year in the office now; today and yesterday, we had about thirty prospective families come in on each day and tomorrow and Friday we are supposed to have about 20 families each day. It should be a lot of fun because I am going to be sitting in on interviews! I am going to be an intern in The Office of Admissions next year and I am so excited; I got my official gold name tag today and I am pumped for the training process! I get to dress up (or at least more so than usually) and can take my “tormenting” in the office to a new level!!!

Today, I also had a meeting with the Senior Associate Dean of Students Carolyn Buxton and her Administrative Coordinator Darlene Berressford, regarding the New Student Orientation Program for the incoming freshman class. I am assisting in the process and will be organizing the program over the course of this year and through the summer to make it “THE BEST ORIENTATION EVER!” with three of my peers. If you have any questions regarding what to expect let me know!

My last meeting today was for SGA, and we discussed logistically stuff for our Relay for Life team, among other things. I have volunteered myself to be pie-ed in the face this upcoming Monday from 11:30-1 in front of our student center (Lowry) to raise money to fight cancer! I am so excited, because I did it last year and had a lot of fun. 

Well, that’s enough procrastination for now. Peace and love! ALEX


P.S. So, I have decided that I am going to post a picture on all of my blogs, so here is today’s picture:

"I like your shirt Anna Grace!"

"I like your shirt Anna Grace!"