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Sitting in Gault Library working on my Copeland Application!

September 22nd, 2009

So, I am taking a “break” from working on my Independent Study Project to write a short entry in my blog.

Right now, I am working on my Henry J. Copeland Funding Application. The Copeland Funding is in honor of the presidency of Henry J. Copland and was established by the Wooster’s Board of Trustees in 1995. The Copeland Fund is now in its 13th year of operation, and expects to be able to award approximately $90,000 in the current academic year! WOW! The purpose of Copeland Funding is to enhance your Independent Study Project.

After spending four months in Senegal, West Africa, experiencing life in an area of the world that is considerable lesser developed, I became very interested in the prospects of not just development in the region, but sustainability regarding the environment. For my Senior Independent Study Project, I am going to research sustainable development in Senegal, and, ultimately, how it is being met differently within the state.

I hope to look at the effects of environmental problems in the region (such as desertification, water resource management, over-fishing) and the problems and success that have been created in implementing sustainable development strategies. In understanding the problems with current environmental issues, my study will be able to focus on specific projects that are helping to combat these concerns. By looking at individual cases within Senegal, such as: (1) a jatropha tree initiative that looks to turn tree oils into bio-fuels; (2) a local, grass-roots based project in a more rural area, like Foundiougne or Tambacounda; (3) eco-villages on the beaches of Dakar that aim to reduce the impact of modernization; and/or (4) projects that aim to reduce the dependency ties between the European Union and Senegal regarding fishing rights, I will be able to look at sustainability in specific cases, then be able to further generalize how these projects are helping environmental problems in Senegal. Therefore, I will look to answer the question: how is sustainable development being implemented in Senegal?

Thus, I am applying for funding to return to Senegal for two weeks to conduct research in the follwong Senegalese cities: St. Louis, Dakar, and Tambacounda. Well, back to work! IS is killing me….GAHH!!!

AHH!!! We're REALLY seniors!

It is DEFINITELY senior year!!!!

September 20th, 2009

I cannot believe that I am a senior in college! It really does seem like yesterday that I was sitting in my eighth grade science class or walking through Kauke Arch during New Student Orientation. Where has all the time gone? and why is it going by so quickly?

I am well into the swing of things now; it is approaching week five of classes. I am taking (1) Theories of International Relations, (2) Economic Development, (3) Introduction to Francophone Texts, and (4) Senior Independent Study. This upcoming week I have two mid-terms (Theories of IR & Economic Development), a french paper due tomorrow, my Independent Study Research Design due tomorrow, my application for Copeland Funding (essentially grant money to enhance my Senior IS project) due Friday, and a Cross Country meet on Saturday. WOW!

I have been so busy that I literally have had no time to relax and breathe, let alone have “me time”. I need to start setting aside thirty or so minutes every day to just relax and not work on homework or anything related to school. However, though I am quite busy, I did “sign-up” for all of this. I was not forced into any of the roles that I am currently occupying.

Well, unfortunately, this is all I have time for now!

Aneeb, Tess, and I

What a WONDERFUL day in Wooster!

September 5th, 2009

I have not written on my blog in forever! I have been so busy with getting started with my Senior Independent Project, staying on track with all my meetings that I have, and catching up with all of my friends. Today has been an amazing day in Wooster! I woke up around 9AM and went and got breakfast with some friends at a restaurant called Farmer Boy; I got pancakes! After breakfast I came back to campus and just relaxed for a bit; it is gorgeous here. It is about 80* and full sun today.

Today was also the first football game. We played Waynesburg, and we debuted our brand new turf field. Unfortunately, we lost 42-39, but the weather was perfect and it was great to hang out with my friends. All of us were saying how today felt more like a summer day than a weekend. It really has been wonderful. A group of us also headed off campus to the prime outlets and did some shopping (i.e. Tess got a new winter coat at 75% off)!

Later today I am going to head to my friend’s house for a Labor Day party, and then I will be back on campus for some fun!

WOOSTER…I am back!!!!

August 15th, 2009

Enough said.

Home at last

August 7th, 2009

I got home Sunday evening at about 6:30pm. The drive was only 5.5 hours, so it was not bad at all. Being in the District this summer was such an incredible experience for me; I met a handful of really great friends, and I lived in city that I absolutely love.

I have been home for about five days, and I will be leaving for Wooster in five days! I have so much to do before I head back down to campus to assist with New Student Orientation activities.

I will keep you all posted with a better entry soon, but, for now, this is all I have time for.

Best regards, ALEX

Happy Father’s Day!

June 21st, 2009

Just wanted to say Happy Father’s Day from Washington, DC. I am on my way to Georgetown to go work.

Hanging out with Wooster-ites in Washington, DC!!!

June 14th, 2009

So, I just got back (45 minutes ago) from dinner at an Italian restaurant around Dupont Circle with Anna Lingan and Wright Smith! It was so much fun! I love Wooster…and DC too!

Finally getting back into my running!

June 13th, 2009

Well, after days and days of thunderstorms and massive downpours, I have finally been able to go on some decent runs! No one ever told me that it’s humid and rainy 80% of the time in Washington, DC over the summer! Anyways, I am getting really excited about cross country in the fall, so I really appreciate when the weather is perfect here. I haven’t run competitively since before I left for Senegal, so I am slowly getting back into everything, but it’s all good! Yesterday, I went on a nice, long 12.25 mile run around DC. I ran from American University to M Street in Georgetown (the ritzy shopping street) to the White House to the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial and then back to campus. I love being around all of these great places! All of my runs in DC have been amazing, but it is so hilly here! American University has to be on the highest hill in Washington, DC, because every single time I go for a run it is all down hill and then all up hill. Not the best for when I want to do an easy run, but I will be ready to tackle all the “hills” in Wooster!

Well, it is 1:30AM, and I just got back from dinner and a movie in Bethesda, MD. I’ll write more later. Peace from Obama-ville! ALEX

Off to ARTOMATIC in Washington, DC!

June 7th, 2009

Well, I am heading out for the night to Artomatic (nine floors of visual and installation art, theater performances, dance and comedy, three music stages, street performances such as fire dancing and drum troupes, and a film screening theater) . Being in DC is pretty sweet; I’ve been meeting lots of cool people and just hanging out. I’ll write more later! And tell you how ARTomatic was!  PEACE.

I love being in DC!!!

May 25th, 2009

Since it is Memorial Day Weekend, I went to a concert on the south lawn of the US Capitol building tonight! It was so much fun! There were a lot of famous people there that spoke and sang (i.e. Tom Hanks, Katie Holmes, Katherine McPhee, Colin Powell, Trace Atkins)! I went with some people that I met on the American University’s campus. After the concert, we went to the Jefferson Memorial and had the BEST speech given by a park ranger on duty. It was 10:45pm when we went to the monument, and the guy that gave us the talk was completely wired on “something”…The best quote from him was, “I am not drunk, I think”!!! Anyways, tonight was a lot of fun…there is a lot going on for the weekend. Tomorrow, I am going to go to the parade…and on Tuesday, I finally start my internship!

Finally settled in!

May 24th, 2009

Well, I am in Washington, DC!!!! I arrived about 6 hours ago and I am all moved in on American University’s campus. Wish me luck!

WOW!!! Did that just happen? WITNESS! Go CAVS!

May 23rd, 2009

I just finished watching the Cavs game!!! LBJ is incredible! Anyways, it is the eve of my departure for Washington, DC. I’m “completely” packed and my car is stuffed to the roof with, what I hope is, everything. I am really excited about arriving in DC, but am not looking forward to the 6 hour drive that I have ahead of me tomorrow. I will be making a lot of phone calls on my way down. I will be starting on Tuesday at The Foundation on Economic Trends, and I am completely open for anything that may come my way. It is going to be a great 10-weeks, but I will miss home and all my friends; I hope that a bunch of my friends/family can come and visit me!

On another note, summer vacation is finally here! The weather has finally warmed up in Chagrin Falls, Ohio; it has been about 80 degrees without humidity and a nice breeze the past few days…perfect for all the mulch that I did. The weather should be really nice for the holiday weekend…though I will be spending mine away for home. There is a really great festival/carnival/parade/”thingy” in the area called Blossom Time that I will be missing. I won’t be able to run in the 5 mile race, or watch the parade, or eat food that is bad for my teeth, or hang out with friends…

Well, I’ll write more when I arrive in Obamaville!

Hanging out with Kaitlyn in Wooster!

May 18th, 2009

I am in Wooster for three days; I got here Sunday afternoon and will be here till Tuesday afternoon. It is nice to be back on campus to visit with my friends before I leave for Washington, DC on Saturday. I am not really ready for DC (as far as packing goes), but I am very excited to get down to the city to get started with my internship.

As far as the end of the year went, I am officially done. I got my grades the other day and I didn’t do too bad. Now, all I know is that I am ready for a great summer in DC!

I don’t know what I am going to do tonight, but I think that my friend Kaitlyn is going to make me a delicious meal! I can’t wait. Right now, I am hanging out in the Office of Admissions, listening to stories about how an admissions counselor got really sick while he was in Bangladesh. I have a meeting at 4pm, so I am killing time right now. Earlier today, I went on a run and to the gym…I am starting to get back into my running routine for cross country in the Fall.

Enjoying the summer in Wooster for a couple of days, ALEX

Commencement 2009

May 11th, 2009

So, it’s official, the Class of 2009 is now part of Wooster’s vast alumni network, meaning that my class, the Class of 2010, are now seniors! I drove down to Wooster last night for Senior Weekend. Last night there was a huge party on Lowry Patio for all the seniors, their families, and their friends; it was so much fun because there were “celebrity bartenders” (i.e. Mary Karen: Vice President of Enrollment) serving beer and wine. In addition, there was lots of music and food.

Commencement 2009 was at 10AM today. It lasted almot 3 hours, but the weather was nice enough that it was held out in the Oak Grove, not the gymnasium. I hope that when I graduate next year, the weather will be just as nice, if not more beautiful!

Well, I am eating dinner with my dad now…scallops, steak, and seasonal vegetables! I’m blogging all summer, so feel free to ask me any questions you may have!

It’s summertime! ALEX


May 6th, 2009

Well, I finished my JR IS final about 2 hours ago. Tess and I are watching a movie now and celebrating!

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