Leaving Dakar for Lac de Guiers (Northern Senegal)

January 2nd, 2010

Well, I have definitely had enough of a “break” from researching. The past three days everything has been closed because of the New Year, so I have not been able to conduct any research. Instead I have been hanging out with another Wooster student, Lucy Plaugher, who also received Copeland Funding to return to Senegal. We have gone to the markets and had a beach day on Ile de Ngor. However, we are now both ready to get back to work! I will be leaving Dakar tomorrow morning for Northern Senegal and the Lac de Guiers. There is a gentleman who has been working on sustainable development and fishing in the area, so I am going to make the 4-5 hour journey tomorrow.

Just want to keep you all updated on my whereabouts in Senegal!


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